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The Vancouver Sun Run is an organized 10K RunWalk that started with just a few thousand runners back in 1984. It has grown to over 45,000 participants making it the largest event of its kind in Canada and the second largest 10K event in North America.

What is a Vancouver Sun Run InTraining clinic?
SportMedBC initiated the first 10Km training clinic back in 1996 in partnership with The Vancouver Sun. Since then, the program has grown to include over 50 community recreation centres and private fitness facilities throughout the province of BC. In addition to the run/walk programs, the Sun Run InTraining clinics emphasize a holistic approach to fitness & health by providing participants with additional training, nutrition, and motivational resources/support.

How long is the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining program?
The Vancouver Sun Run InTraining clinic follows a 13-week tried and proven program. The InTraining program includes micro and macro-cycles to incorporate gradual, incremental training-load progressions and recovery sessions throughout the 13 weeks. This proven method of training is supported by industry professionals and leading sport medicine practitioners. The focus is to have clinic participants gradually increase their training over a 13-week period, in order to avoid injury and give the body time to adapt to the stress of running or walking. Participants meet once per week with their group, and will be expected to train on two additional days throughout the week.

Who will be leading the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining sessions?
A Clinic Coordinator is assigned to each Host Centre clinic to ensure program delivery, quality and consistency. Each coordinator is knowledgeable in the areas of health, fitness, organization and leadership, and is trained by SportMedBC to help clinic participants achieve their fitness goals. In addition, a team of trained, enthusiastic volunteer leaders will be available each week to assist the coordinator and motivate the participants. The leaders have completed SportMedBC training, and are CPR certified.

When does the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining program run?
The 2019 Sun Run InTraining clinics begin the week of January 12th, 2019 with the final week of training in early April, 2019. The Vancouver Sun Run will be held on Sunday April 14th, 2019.

How much does it cost to join a Vancouver Sun Run InTraining clinic?
The registration fee is $150.00 (+ GST) per participant, which includes:

  • 13 weekly, guided training sessions led by SportMedBC trained Leaders
  • One (1) entry into the Vancouver Sun Run, including a Race Day Technical Shirt (min. $45 value)
  • One (1) exlusive InTraining technical garment
  • Sun Run InTraining digital logbook
  • Sponsor product giveaways, samples, and discounts
  • Weekly coaching advice, nutrition tips, and training resources from SportMedBC 
  • Exclusive gift card redeemable at the Sun Run Stores

 Are there any age restrictions to join a Vancouver Sun Run InTraining clinic?
All clinic participants must be 13 years of age or older. Participants under 16 must be registered with, and accompanied by, an adult during all clinic sessions.

 Can I bring my dog or my stroller to a Vancouver Sun Run InTraining clinic?                 
Unfortunately, at this time the group training sessions are not conducive to bringing your dog or your child. Baby joggers are not permitted to accompany participants.

 Which level of SportMedBC RunWalk is best for me?
Sun Run InTraining offers four programs designed to complement all participant fitness levels:

  • Walk10K - Follows a nice, progressive, change-of-pace walking program that is appropriate for both beginners and experienced walkers. Ideally, participants should be able to walk comfortably for approximately 30 minutes before joining the program.
  • NordicWalk10K – Following a similar training plan to that of Walk10K, this program utilizes poles to help participants increase upper-body mobility & strength, as well as improve their over-all range of motion with every step.
  • LearnToRun10K – Designed for anyone who is interested in learning to run. Participants will start out slowly (with more walking than running) and build up gradually until they are safely and comfortably able to either walk/run 10K, or run 10K.
  • Run10KStronger – This program is designed for participants who have previously completed the LearnToRun10K program, and/or are already running for 30 minutes per session approximately three times a week. Participants will increase their endurance, and learn how to “pick up” their pace over the 13-weeks.

So as to accommodate participants of all fitness levels & abilities, there will be a variety of “pace” groups set within each respective program.

Still not sure? Your Sun Run InTraining Leaders will help you select which program is best suited towards your abilities and training goals.
What can I do to prepare for my first Vancouver Sun Run InTraining session?
If you are a beginner runner or walker, we recommend that begin walking a couple of times per week prior to the start of the program. Your preparatory sessions should include approx. 20 – 25 minutes of walking at a comfortable pace. This will help with your transition to the clinic training schedule!

Do I need to purchase new shoes?
A proper pair of running/walking shoes is essential to your success in the program, and may help prevent any injuries. We strongly recommend investing in a good pair of shoes that are ideal for your feet and running/walking style. Where possible, go to a specialized running store where knowledgeable sales people are available for guidance and assistance. A representative from the program sponsor SunRunStores will attend one of your first few clinic sessions to provide detailed information on this topic, and announce purchase discounts for program participants. It is also a good idea to visit one of the SunRunStores prior to the first day of the clinics. Let them know that you are with the Sun Run InTraining Program! 

What can I expect on the first day?
The goal of the first InTraining session is to orientate participants to the program. However, come prepared to be active! You will be completing your first workout (25-30 minutes depending on your group), so dress accordingly. We recommend that participants dress in layers, rather than a single heavy jacket or sweatshirt. Remember that the weather is extremely unpredictable, and therefore we recommend bringing along a hat and/or rain jacket if possible.

 Will there be somewhere secure to store my personal items during the clinic?
Most clinic locations will have a designated space available to secure your personal belongings while you are out for your run/walk. However, SportMedBC and the Host Centre are not responsible for lost, missing, stolen or damaged items – therefore it is recommended that you do not bring any valuable items with you to your Sun Run InTraining clinic.

 Should I consult with my doctor prior to starting this exercise program?
If you have any medical concerns (such as a history of heart conditions, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc…), please consult your family physician to confirm your ability to start and participate in the program.

Why do I need to provide my medical history?
It is very important that you fill out the medical/registration form during the first session. Your Clinic Coordinator will distribute these forms on your first day at the clinic. The information you provide will be kept confidential and is required in order to minimize risk and help us to best meet your individual training needs.

 Do I need to complete an entry to the Vancouver Sun Run Race?
Yes! Vancouver Sun Run registration can be completed on the first clinic day (along with completion of your medical form). Your Clinic Coordinator will provide you with further details on this process. With your InTraining Program registration, you are guaranteed a spot in The Vancouver Sun Run.

Where do I register to join a clinic?
You must officially register in a Sun Run InTraining clinic to receive your entry in to the 2017 Vancouver Sun Run Race and to receive other program materials (apparel, log book, training resources, etc…). Registration can be completed through your clinic’s host centre, either online, over-the-phone, or in person. For more information on how to register for an InTraining Clinic, please click here

I missed the first InTraining clinic session, can I still register to join the program?
Space permitting, participants will be able to register for the clinics up-to, and including, the third training session at the desired clinic (specific date will vary by location). Individuals will not be allowed to enter the program beyond this date. It should be kept in mind however that those individuals who are not already active and have not been following the program, may disrupt the group and potentially injure themselves. Late registration will be at the discretion of the Clinic Coordinator. 

What is the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Refund Policy?
Refunds will be allowed up to, and including, the day of the second clinic session. Registrants who wish to withdraw and have attended the clinics will be eligible to receive a $100 refund. Individuals who wish to withdraw and, for whatever reason, have not attended any sessions (and have also not received the InTraining Logbook) will be eligible to receive a $125 refund. It is the host centre's responsibility to issue refunds. Participants withdrawing from the program will not receive an entry into the Sun Run. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED AFTER THE SECOND SESSION.

 I am an InTraining participant, but how do I register for the Sun Run with my Corporate Team?
For InTraining participants who are planning to enter the Vancouver Sun Run race with a Corporate Team, please register for the InTraining clinic and pay the registration fee as usual. You will receive instructions on how to register for the Vancouver Sun Run race (with your Corporate Team) from your Clinic Coordinator. Your Clinic Coordinator will provide further instructions to ensure your Corporate Team race registration is completed correctly. If you require any additional assistance or information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sun Run Office at 604.689.9441 or SportMedBC’s RunWalk Manager at 604.294.3050 (ext. 107).

 Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns regarding the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run InTraining program?
The InTraining program has an exceptional leadership network that would be more than happy to address any questions or inquiries you may have. Your best source of knowledge is your Clinic Coordinator, who will introduce themselves to you on your very first InTraining session. 

 Where can I find more information on Nordic Walking?
The Vancouver Sun Run is proud to have been the first Canadian road race to include Nordic Walking. We are continuing to expand the number of clinics offering Nordic Walking (please check with your host centre to confirm availability). Participants will be required to bring their own poles to the clinic. For safety reasons, no poles will be allowed in non-Nordic Walking clinics. Poles are also available for purchase at the Sun Run StoresUrban Poling is also a great, local resource for more information!

If you have questions regarding the program or clinic locations, please call SportMedBC at 604-903-3883, or the Vancouver Sun Run office at 604-689-9441.



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